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What Parents Say

     "I had the pleasure of having two children go through the Parent-tot program with Vickie Anderson. What a joy it was to participate with my children in weekly classes that were sweet and completely developmentally appropriate. Academics never trumped basics. Every week the class catered to both fine and gross motor skills, as well as served as an outlet for all the creative and imaginative play that is so vital for the early childhood experience. You will love the class puppet, story time, endearing songs about friendship and love as well as the class projects that can be easily recreated at home. That was perhaps my favorite part of class. I always went home with a new activity that I could do again and again at home.

      When my children went off to preschool school, I knew that they had a solid foundation in circle time, simple step directions, ample practice with their hand-eye coordination and fine motor development. Most importantly, they left the Parent-tot program knowing how to be a friend. Graduates of Parent-tot will be ready to learn in preschool with a foundation that will set them up for later academic success

for years to come."

--Mary Kay Jenson

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