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Privacy Policy


Personal information is collected for the sole purpose of class registration and payment.  Personal information is not sold or provided to any third parties.  Payment information is secured by WIX which is compliant to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and is accredited as a level 1 service provider.  Wix uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to help protect online financial transactions.


COVID-19 Policy

In consideration of the safety and health of our registered Parent-tot families and our staff, we will closely follow the Covid guidelines as set by the State of CT and the CDC.  We are also obligated to comply to the Covid guidelines set forth by the South Congregational Church in S. Glastonbury and the United Methodist Church in Wethersfield in regards to cleaning procedures, mask wearing, room capacity numbers, restroom procedures and entering and exiting their building.
You will be notified in August, prior to your first class, the most updated information and requirements. These guidelines will be listed and frequently updated on our website.


updated 8/18/'21


MASKS/ADULTS:(https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/Covid-19-Knowledge-Base/Latest-COVID-19-Guidance Posted 8/7/2021) “Masks are required to be worn by everyone in certain settings such as healthcare facilities, facilities housing vulnerable populations, public and private transit, correctional facilities, schools, and childcare.”


MASKS/CHILDREN: https://www.ctoec.org/covid-19/child-care-during-covid-19/#masksupdated

Check out this helpful flyer, https://www.ctoec.org/forms-documents/oec-covid-19-help-your-kids-become-mask-wearing-superheroes-flyer-english.pdf


  • Connecticut does require children age 3 and older to wear masks inside at child care programs and camps. 

  • Children under 3 years of age are not required to wear masks. 

  • If your child has a medical condition, special health need, disability, special education need, or developmental need that makes wearing a mask unsafe, they may not be required to wear one. You just need to make sure the need for an exception is documented. Work with medical and/or special education professionals and your child’s program to come up with a plan that works best to keep everyone safe.

  • Connecticut does not require that any children wear masks outside in child care programs.


Hopefully, these days will pass in the near future, but we are required to follow the most current recommendations for everyone’s safety. If you or your child are not feeling well and have any Covid symptoms, please stay home and follow the recommended CDC guidelines to protect those who are attending class.  We, also, require that you and your child be fever-, vomit- & diarrhea-free for 24 hours before returning to class. We will be cleaning and disinfecting our classroom surfaces and toys on a daily basis as required.

Please notify us immediately, if you or your child are sick.

Refund Policy

We are confident that you are going to love the classes we offer in Parent-tot, but if you are no longer able to attend and have to leave the program, we require in writing, a 2-week written notice to be eligible for reimbursement. If you leave the program and 3 or more classes were attended during the month of your departure, the full 1-month payment is due and not refunded. If 2 or less classes were attended during the month of your departure, you will be refunded half of the monthly charge. After your departure, the remaining prepaid balance on your account will be reimbursed


There will be no refunds or credits for missed classes. If Parent-tot has to cancel a class due to Covid , inclement weather or any unforeseen circumstance, we will offer 1 scheduled make-up day at the end of your 10 or 12 week Session.

If there is a Covid related cause for the closing of our program, as mandated by the state of CT, we will follow our refund guidelines that are stated above for the months that we met and then submit a full refund for the remaining months that we were unable to meet.


Dismissal from the program:  The Director reserves the right to discharge a family, for any reason, at any time with a 24-hour notice. The above refund policy would be honored and refunds would be given accordingly.


Closing Policy        


Parent-tot will follow the Glastonbury and Wethersfield school policies, respectively, for closings due to inclement weather, Covid or any other unforeseen circumstance. We will also adhere to South Congregational Church and United Methodist Church, respectively, for their possible closing of the Church building or their Preschool.

We have scheduled 1 make-up day per session if we close for any unforeseen circumstance.

Liability Policy

Parent-tot strives to provide and maintain a safe classroom environment  for the children and adults that participate in our classes. Since the parent and or caregivers are present during our interactive classes, it is their responsibility to supervise and maintain the care and safety of their child/or children. This includes arrival time and playground activity once the class is dismissed.

Parent-tot Policies