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Babies in Playroom

Registration is closed for CT Classes

Choose the DAY, LOCATION and PAYMENT plan 

that works best for you.

A playground is available at both locations. You can connect with the other families after class. Bring a coffee or lunch!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have ANY questions or concerns.

I'm always happy to assist.



send me a message! 

Book a Class Today: Register for Fall 2022 Session One 

Registration is closed. Parent-tot is moving to AZ.

Classes will fill in order the registrations are received. Once classes are full, please add your name & contact information to our Waitlist.  We will contact you immediately if there is an opening available.  
Glastonbury: max # of children per class is 10

Wethersfield: max # of children per class is 11

WaitList: If your preferred class is full, please scroll to the bottom of the page to "Contact Us."
Fill in your information and in the "leave us a message" box
state the class you are interested in. 

Questions? Send us a message.  
Check out our 2 locations!

Correct dates will be listed below when registration goes live